What is our [public education’s] company line?

In know in my experience it has always been: “It’s about the kids.”

Is it really though? You know, about the kids? We are a week deep in this school year, and I have to tell you that I love this job. However, I am realizing how much demand is really on the educators in my school. From extensive professional development to detailed lesson plans, the demands and requirements are intense. So, where do the kids fit in?

I am realizing that even with all the demands that do not directly impact the interaction between myself and my students, I am going to focus on my students first. The rest of the “stuff” will come later.

“It’s about the kids.”

Actually, it is bigger than just that. I am going to take the company line further than ever this year. I am going to answer the company line of the people that should be running the company. You know, Chris Lehmann called for action earlier this summer. We need more people like Chris to tow the company line.

You know Chris actually believes in the company line; “It’s about the kids.”

Lehmann is the principal of SLA in Philly, and travels the country speaking about school 2.0. Chris’ idea of being about the kids is to totally redesign schooling to be about the kids. Schools today are not designed to be about the kids. We are too caught up in the system – failing schools, less qualified teachers, standardized testing, narrowing the curriculum – for “it” to be about the kids.

When Chris made the call for action I wasn’t sure if I could do anything. But, you know what – I can. I want to organize and Educon of my own.

To make it about the kids, it will require a grassroots effort. Excellent educators that call on others and take charge of making change in their communities. Making it “about the kids”.

What’s your company line going to be?

More to come…

Mike Meechin, M.Ed.

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