#FETC 2012

So, I will be presenting at #FETC 2012 this year in my adopted hometown of Orlando, Florida.

I am a big fan of FETC, even though I have been on a three year hiatus. I am really looking forward to connecting with some of the folks that I get my PLN on with. FETC is one giant share-fest – and makes me think about how desperately our profession needs more of this type of best practices share-a-palooza.

I will also be launching my company at FETC and attempting to make some connections with schools and districts in need of quality professional development at a very affordable price point – something else our profession desperately needs. If you want to see what stirs in my mind that I want to share with others you check out my company at www.innovateedu.org.

If you will be at FETC, let me know – I am on the Twit @innovateed. I will also be presenting on 1/25, my concurrent session – Blogging with a Purpose at 10AM, Room S230C. So, if you are around stop by – or if you just want to grab a cup o’ joe and trade stories – let me know.

Oh, also check out the FETC Tech Conference Survival Guide, it was written by Carlos Fernandez (@fernandezc4) – he’s another FETC presenter, who will be preachin’ about Evernote and it’s use in education. So, check him out.

Mike Meechin, M.Ed.


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