Leading Poinciana High School was one of the highlights of my career. It was the people that I met that were a major contribution to my placing the work there among the most important that I have engaged in.

I met Mike Palfy when I arrived as an Assistant Principal at Poinciana. As a former social studies teacher myself, I tended to gravitate toward “my people” more often than most. Mike was a larger than life character. He loved teaching economics and more importantly – he loved teaching his students.

I was fortunate to grow up at Poinciana and moved into the Principalship. Mr. Palfy would pop into the office to check-in and sit and talk about all of his travels. I always enjoyed following he and his daughter’s globe-trotting on Facebook. He always was going overseas to participate in economics forums – always learning about other countries and their economies.

As a Principal, Mike Palfy embodies every single thing that you want in the mind set from your teachers. Mike was from the “old school”. If you know me, I am from the “new school” and often times am pushing the thinking of those with whom I lead. Mr. Palfy was all-in.

As we made changes at Poinciana and focused on many, many shifts – Mike never hesitated to try new things in his classroom to meet the needs of his students. I loved his willingness to step outside of his “old school” to meet the needs of our students, our school, and his community.

Mr. Palfy was more than an economics teacher. Mike was a force that believed in kids. You could find him at every single event – from athletics, to drama performances, to senior events. He would always be there and asking if he could help. I missed working with Mike; and while he was a larger than life character – his heart was even bigger.

Mike Palfy embodied the meaning of the work that I was fortunate to engage in while at Poinciana High School. I feel for the students, school community and Mike’s family – particularly his daughter Jackie.

You will be missed.

Rest is Peace Mr. Palfy. #RepTheP[alfy]

12 thoughts on “To Mike.

  1. Well said. I’m gonna miss thin. He was such a great guy with a big heart who touched so many generations of Poinciana

  2. Very nice tribute. He was one of the kindest most likable people I’ve ever known. He will be so missed.

  3. A beautiful soul with a big smile and nothing but positive energy. He was such a blessing to many and he will be missed dearly!!! May his legacy and positive vibes live on FOREVER!! #REPTHEP

  4. One of the 1st guys I met when I transfered from DIS. We had lunch together for 5 years, the whole department many times. He became a good friends, we broke bread, tip a few back in our off time. Spent many of my planning periods sitting in his class. He will be in many of my stories for years to come.

  5. Very well said Mike! Mr. Palfy was always smiling and I loved talking about travel with him – he had some amazing adventures. It’s going to be weird not seeing him at school. Thanks for these amazing words!

  6. I have known Mike for 34 years. I taught with him at St. Cloud Middle School. He was an exceptional teacher and coach. The kids loved and respected him.
    He is in eternity and believe me, God will keep him busy. His kind are few and far between. He represents the best of us.

  7. He was an amazing person, teacher, dad, I taught his daughter (he spoke greatly of his daughter and was always involved, he loved his daughter); we worked together for many years at PHS; he was “old school” but always willing to try new things. His classroom was a few classroom down from mine and every morning we would say good morning to each other, he always replied with a smile saying, “I am still kicking”. He was simply great! We will miss him greatly, he always had something to say and something to teach, he was a teacher at heart ❤️ we love you Mr. Palfy and we will miss you.
    Mr. Duran

  8. I had the privilege of first being a student of Mr. Palfy’s and later becoming a co-worker while at PHS. The first time we ran into each other after I became staff, he saw me and said “what are you doing back here?!”. As time went on, he would give me little tips when I would see him in the faculty room or say a joke that made the day brighter. From my classroom window, I would see him as he walked across the courtyard at the end of the day, lunch box at hand. Sometimes in the afternoons we would run into each other as he was walking out and I was walking to make copies for the next day. He would say, “you are going the wrong way” followed by a chuckle and a solid raised hand in the air as a goodbye.
    He was patient, he was kind and he was extremely dedicated to this profession. May you Rest In Peace Mr. Palfy! We will all miss you and remember you.


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