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Mike Meechin Consulting offers professional development, speaking engagements, keynote addresses, and consulting services focused on educational reforms, instructional technology, innovative teaching and learning, and effective assessment practices.

Our objective is simple: provide resources to districts and schools in a direct, grassroots format that provides strategies that can be implemented into action very quickly.

Mike is available to work with districts and schools to meet their needs. Most of our content is fully customized to the needs of the client.

Pricing and rates are available via email. Most schools and districts are surprised at how affordable working with Mike Meechin Consulting is.

Contact via Email: mikemeechin[at]gmail.com


You can review our offerings below to learn in greater depth what we have to offer. If you have needs that are not addressed by the content below, please connect with us, as most of our services can be customized to the needs of the school or district.

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Session Descriptions

Engage – Assess – Create: Tools for High Impact Instruction

Engagement… Creation… Assessment…

Three elements that must be present in their 21st C. classroom and school. This session focuses on all three phases by introducing and allowing participants to get hands-on with these tools that are essential for high impact instruction. The session will take participants through all three phases: engagement tools, creation tools, and assessment tools – all of which can be implemented in their classrooms the very next day.

This session is typically presented as a half-day (3-hour) workshop and can be customized for the client’s needs.

Can Be Presented As: Breakout Session or Workshop

Failure to Launch: Moving Your School(s) into New Space

Is your school or district ready to move into New Space?

Failure to Launch: Moving Your School into New Space focuses on motivating educators, teachers and administrators alike, to take advantage of innovative practices to move into New Space in their classrooms and schools. The presentation is customizable to the barriers faced by the client’s school or district.

New Space will provide participants with research based best practices to break down the barriers that are preventing a successful launch for your school or district.

Can Be Presented As: Keynote, Breakout Session or Workshop

Leading for Change: Building a Culture of No Excuses

This session is focused on breaking down the status quo. Michael’s experiences as a Title I high school principal are put into action to address school and district needs. This session is built for school and district leaders and is focused on transforming a school’s culture from status quo to status GO! The session is full of stories of real school improvement strategies that have transformed teaching and learning at Michael’s schools.

The session focuses on major school culture pieces, including; rebranding, college going culture, focus on teaching and learning, breaking down barriers on the big 3 – attendance, behavior and academics. Participants will learn about how to build school and district resources to build a Culture of No Excuses for staff, parents, and students.

This session is typically presented as a half-day (3-hour) workshop and can be extended to a full day (6-hour) based on the needs of the client.

Can Be Presented As: Keynote, Breakout Session or Workshop

Mission: High School Graduation – A Way of Work

Using an innovative point system and laser focused data set, schools and districts can transform how they track, monitor and provide interventions to students whom are at-risk for high school graduation. This session will provide participants with an easy to use, customizable system that will allow schools, particularly high schools, to better identify students that are at-risk for graduation.

This session will allow schools and districts to narrow their focus on the right interventions with the right students, helping to move the needle in graduation rate. The session allows for complete customization for whatever graduation requirements or internal data points a school or district uses to define “at-risk”.

This session is typically presented as a half-day (3-hour) workshop and can be extended to a full day (6-hour) based on the needs of the client.

Can Be Presented As: Keynote, Breakout Session or Workshop

Redesigning Assessment: Shifting to Assessment with Purpose

Busy work a problem in your school or district? Then it is time to redesign assessment.

This session focuses on shifting a school or district to rethink assessment and bring purposeful assessments into their classrooms. With a focus on multiple topics including; technology based formative assessment, standards based grading, simple proficiency scales, and the importance of complexity over difficulty – schools and districts can completely redesign their assessment practices for ones that are good for kids.

This session is typically presented as a half-day (3-hour) workshop and can be extended to a full day (6-hour) based on the needs of the client.

Can Be Presented As: Keynote, Breakout Session or Workshop

Sixty in Sixty: 60 Instructional Technologies in 60 Minutes

Sixty in Sixty is one of our most popular sessions. It is a great way to begin a conference, educational event, begin a new school year, or kick off a day of professional development for a school or district. As the title teases – this session has no fluff – it is 60 instructional technologies in 60 minutes – fast and furious.

All session materials are presented to the client electronically, including a master list of all technologies presenting with links to the sites or apps. This session may be able to be customized to a client’s needs for types of instructional technologies.

Can Be Presented As: Keynote, Breakout Session or Event Kick-Off

Technology for Schoolwide Change

Every school and district faces challenges. This session focuses on technologies that can affect schoolwide change. The session will address challenges related to stakeholder communication, attendance interventions, positive behavior supports, state assessment preparation; and how to leverage technology to overcome these challenges.

Some content may be customizable to the needs and challenges of the client.

Can Be Presented As: Keynote or Breakout Session

A Wake-Up Call: Breaking Down Barriers to High Impact Instruction

A wake-up call is needed in education to ensure that we meet the needs of our students, parents and communities in the digital age. More specifically, there is a palpable need for schools to implement high-impact instructional strategies – leveraging the power of technology to influence instruction. This session can provide the tools to conquer the academic barriers that you face, no matter the size or location of your school or district.

Barriers are customizable to the client’s needs and data.

Can Be Presented As: Keynote, Breakout Session or Workshop