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Mike will bring his practical knowledge to your school or district to discuss proven strategies that have been used to move his schools forward. Mike’s speaking events are high energy, humorous, and engaging – but most importantly – all sessions feature strategies that can be learned and put into practice immediately in your school or district.

What makes Mike the Principal so unique is that every speaking session is customizable to the needs of the school or district. What Mike has learned during his work with schools and districts across the nation is that so much of our work on improvement is common with one another. This makes customizing sessions for our clients simple.

Here are just some of the topics that Mike can bring to your school or district.


Too many schools, educators and students are impacted negatively by cultures that are filled with excuses. Mike has led the culture building work through the implementation of a Culture of No Excuses. Meechin discusses his work in a Title 1 high school with over 2,000 students who had been written off, and his current school which required the design of a school culture from the ground up.

Mike will discuss the culture building practices that he and his team implemented to turn around a school and build another one from the ground up. Enough is enough – no more excuses.

leadership development

The work in schools and districts is driven by its leadership. Making sure that leaders – current or future – have the tools to engage in critical conversations to move schools, staff, and students forward is essential.

Mike will have a critical conversation about what it truly takes to move schools forward. We can move schools forward – only by building the people in our schools up. Whether you need a motivational session or want to kickstart the year – Mike is ready to lead you into better place.

SCHOOL Improvement

Mike is an award winning high school principal, who has implemented actionable strategies that can be fit into any district or school level. Through his work in a Title 1 high school where over 50% of students come in to 9th grade reading below grade level – Mike will talk about how he led the school to a graduation rate of 91% – an increase of over 10% in just three years.

These strategies are not “wait and see” approaches. Mike will discuss systems that you can implement into your school or district now. There is no time to waste.

school design

As principal of NeoCity Academy, Mike has built a public STEM magnet high school from the ground up. Everything from building design, construction, curriculum, staffing – had to be re-thought. This school is a true example of what it means to disrupt the status quo.

Mike will talk about not only the innovative learning environments he envisioned – but how it impacts our teaching and learning – and ultimately prepares students for life after graduation.


Consulting work is some of the most impactful work Mike can engage in with your school or district. Mike can work with your school or district on leadership development, strategic instructional improvement plans, graduation rate data and improvement, or grading and assessment shift to standards-based practices.

Mike’s consulting contracts are typically built to meet the specific needs of the school or district and the topics selected from above. Typical contracts range from 1-3 years and feature a mix of on-site and virtual sessions with Mike.

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